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My web designer “fired” me because I was considered too picky and demanding. So, I set off on a quest to find a new designer.

My product, wood flooring installation and finishing, is upscale and needs to be showcased as such in order to differentiate me from my competitors. I consider my website to be the perfect medium to display my high quality work and products and , to attract those who want what I offer. My site must communicate my brand quickly and clearly. It must repel those who are looking for bargain brands so that my time (and the caller’s) is not wasted. So, my site must be beautiful and precise.

I looked at many websites of many web designers and out of the couple hundred in my area, I called 4, based on the appeal of their sites. The first quoted me a rediculous price to do very little work. He did not seem like he had any interest in me or in my company’s success. The second was quite friendly, took my information and said that his designer would get back to me. Never happened. The third used a program that search engines do not favor. Then, I spoke with Eve at Macgirl and knew from our first conversation that she fully understood what I wanted to acheive and would deliver it.

As it turned out, she knew more about what I wanted than I did! She pointed out inconsistencies in the site that I had never noticed (for example, sub-headings that were wildly different from page to page) and offered solutions that would look perfect and increase the flow and retention on my site.
As we put together the new pages, I became aware of how messy my old site was and was embarrassed by it! She speedily got the new one up and running. My friends who previewed it (all members of my targeted public) were very impressed by the new site, especially my portfolio which is the most important section of my site, and agreed that the improvement was immense.

I feel like I did the day I launched my company’s first website- excited and full of enthusiam and hope.

Description of work:
My website was redesigned, making it more streamlined, consistent & easy to use.

Suzanne Prieur, Through the Woods Floor Company

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