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  Professional Web Sites

  • Amped
  • Beautiful Designs
  • Professional Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools
  • Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Custom Fonts, Custom Logo, Custom Elements


 WebSITE support

  • Fast, reliable web support for your web site
  • Secure, dependable, state of the art website hosting
  • Local and remote tech support
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools
  • Google Analytics & Google Ads Support
  • Custom Security Assessment

Websites by Macgirl

What You Get

Websites by Macgirl

What You Get

Macgirl fixes, optimizes, and updates web sites. Our re-design process focuses on user experience. For each and every page, we ask: what do you want your visitor to do? And each page should answer that question in an elegant and persuasive way.

Your transformed site will not only capture the contemporary look and feel of a successful practice, it will anticipate and address your visitor’s most urgent questions.

What Your Customers Get

Macgirl devises customer-centered Websites which save time, money, and staff. The key to generating more sales is having a website that targets your customers, captivates your visitors’ interest, and robustly communicates your brand as trustworthy and authentic.

Our Websites help you represent your business in a way that is both attractive and intuitive to your customers.

Local & Likeable!

Review sites like Angie’s List and Google My Business make LOCAL SEARCH extremely competitive.

To stay on top, you need to devise new ways to invite your good clients to submit good reviews. You need to monitor all your ratings and reviews, and you need to make sure that your social media pages demonstrate that you are responsive and up to date.

We help you add value to your brand, optimize your social media exposure and establish a  record of customer trust and positive commentary.

SEO with Yoast

If you find that you are invisible in the search engines, re-coding your site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the first step to becoming visible. Search Engines rank your site based on the way your pages are coded. Macgirl can code your web pages so that they are friendlier and better indexed by the Google and other search engines.


Facebook has an enormous reach and better and better tools for targeting your specific patient market. Using FACEBOOK to advertise specific events, BOOSTING that event for 24 or 48 hours, is one of many ways we market your business. Call us up and ask about how we can make Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter bring you more customers.

Google Ads & More

Ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram are the fastest and most effective way to boost traffic to your website.  We have helped all kinds of businesses – legal practices, medical practices, travel agents, home services companies…. set up successful ad campaigns. Ask about our competitive rates.