Optimized for Mobile

Optimized for Mobile


“Friendly, inviting and intelligently organized – with the kind of credibility that our female patients look for!”

Our mobile design for this women’s medical center is perfect for patients who are looking for information about hours, prices, location, but also it represents the women’s group as  patient-friendly and helpful.

Mobile Website for Travel Agency

Macgirl makes websites that are responsive, mobile-friendly, ipad-friendly, desktop-friendly… because when your customers make decisions about where to go and what to do, they may be anywhere….

Mobile website for tree doctor

A  South Florida tree doctor with a big colorful truck used photos of himself and his truck to show the neighborhood what he did and how he did it. Everybody who sees the truck recognizes him and the website establishes both credibility and likeability –  in bold colorful easy to read colors.

Mobile website for Towing Company

A towing company in Toronto needs a mobile friendly website so that people whose cars have been towed can look them up on line and find out what happened to their cars. That’s why we put a map on the front page, added a phone number in big bold bright red Helvetica, and designed a website that was amped, light, speedy, clear, easy to read, easy to see, on all devices.

Makes sense, eh?

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