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About This Project

In order to ensure that your web site is dramatic and compelling, Macgirl will choose a theme which applauds & re-launches the Hayman’s brand.

The theme combines dark soft colors with brown and gold tones to convey both elegance and vintage.

The slow scroll down tells a story. (The scroll is not just a bored mechanical movement that spurts information.)

Your theme will tell the story of a family store, its founder, its history, its neighborhoods, its customers.

Fonts and photos are used to pin down your brand identity.

I also like the idea of using a map on the front page since the focus is local: Tampa. This highlights Hayman’s status as the oldest retail establishment in historic downtown Tampa.

Product pages with a half screen devoted to a single image makes it possible to highlight specific products — without selling them.

This half screen presentation with the map on top and the family story scrolling down also answers the question of “What do you want your customers to do?”
Answer: Come to our store!

Website for Historic Jewelry Shop in Tampa, Florida

Tampa Web Site